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OK - I didn't think it was possible - but Everything Balm™ is now better than ever!!! The new secret is Evening Primrose oil, a very active, penetrating, and regenerative vegetable oil, with a bit more of all the other good stuff!!! The new formula is creamier and softer, too. A summer's worth of research and testing tell me the newgeneration of Everything Balm™ is amazing!

This is THE BEST stuff! I originally developed this wondrous concoction 9 years ago for my best friend, and her awful feet. Cracked heels, splits right through the callouses, dry and yucky toenails - this balm fixed it all! You don't even have to do that silly socks at night routine - E-Balm(TM) penetrates quickly and soothesright into your skin!

After my friend's success, I started using E-Balm™ on my cuticles and nails, and my hands finally looked healthy. If your hands are in and out of water all day, or you're dealing with a lot of paper, or fabric, or if you're constantly outside - this is the stuff for you! Put some life back into your hands!

We've since discovered that a jar of E-Balm™ is a minor med clinic all in itself - use it on burns, bug bites, scrapes, elbows, knees, cold sores, fever blisters, rosacea, and that red, tender nose when you have a cold! E-Balm™ is safe enough to use INSIDE your mouth on canker sores and minor gum irritations, too!

E-Balm(TM) works on all forms ofexcema and psoriasis bysoothing the inflammation, calming the itch, and healing the cracked, dry skin. Finally, you can stop thinking about your skin... And because of the very potent anti-fungal properties of tea tree and lavender essential oils, Everything Balm™ is amazing for nail fungus and athlete's foot!!

Everything Balm™ is also wonderful for use on children of all ages, very safe and non-toxic. Wonderful for diaper rash, dribble chin, and cradle cap, as well as all those scrapes that kids get into - I know, because part of my testing crew are my own 4 children! They are all teens now, and they are STILL getting into everything.... E-Balm™ is pet safe, too.

Everything Balm

Everything Balm™ contains moisturizing and conditioning vegetable oils and butters, with beeswax and a synergistic blend of essential oils, including tea tree oil (melaluca), an antiseptic and antifungal essential oil. Please note that theshea butter may "grain out" with temperature changes - the E-Balm™ is still just fine!

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.15 oz lip tube - $4.00
.5 ounce - $7.00
2 ounces - $12.50
8 ounces - $43.50